Residence: Galaxa Mansion

Blue Doors 2020 will be based out of Galaxa Mansion, a ship owner’s home constructed in the 1700s. Galaxa Mansion has, for years, attracted artists, writers, and poets, due to both the mansion and Galaxidi itself being sources of endless inspiration.

As local legend goes:

“[Galaxa Mansion] was owned by Visvikis family, one of the most privileged families of that era. According to the legend, which is still alive, the house belonged to a fairy. A young man met her one night at the seaside, was fascinated by her beauty, fell in love with her and they finally got married. The mansion was the nest of their love: they made a family there and lived in it till they got very old, happy and envied by everyone.

The young couple had two daughters whom the locals called ‘fairy touched’… and the legend keeps on…

During the difficult times of the decline of Galaxidi, the mansion was deserted, however standing proud and imperious as the years went by. Its many owners came and went but for the last 25 years, under the name ‘Galaxa,’ it is one of best guesthouses of Galaxidi.”

RESERVING A SPACE: Galaxa Mansion has nine rooms for guests, and the Mansion is planning alongside Blue Doors hosts, Chaun and Tara Ballard, to help reserve spots for the poetry retreat’s participants.

ROOM TYPES: The Galaxa Mansion has 2 double rooms (the “Vassiliki” and the “Kalypso”), 4 triple rooms (the “Clio, “Penelope,” “Athena,” and “Pandora), 1 junior suite for two persons (the “Erato”), 1 superior suite for up to four persons (the “Artemis”), and 1 quadruple room (the “Thalo”). Participants are welcome to book rooms with friends to save on costs.

Remember: The $400 fee goes toward paying for the 7-night stay. Residual funds will support the visiting poet.

SHARING ROOMS: If you are interested in saving on costs and open to sharing a room with a fellow Blue Doors participant, please contact

TO CONFIRM: Please follow the steps provided on the “How to Participate” page.

From a Balcony at the Galaxa